Individual Counseling

Life happens and there are times in life where it becomes difficult to be our best.  One-on-one counseling will provide you with a safe space to get it all out and gain a perspective that will get you back to who you are and where you want to be.  

Depression Counseling

Depression stinks.  We will help you pull out of the dumps and get back to normal functioning.  It happens to nearly all of us.  Let us help you get back to normal quicker. 

Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety is the most common concern in the world.  We have a great success record in helping overcome anxiety and live without so much worry. 

Adult Transitions Counseling

Life transistions can be hard.  Marriage, chilbirth, divorce, death, school, losing a job, can all be hard to live with.  Our agenda is you and your success in the transitions of life.  Lets work towards your success. 

Career Testing Counseling

We have a specifically trained and certified career counselor on staff.  Lets work on your specific self awareness, career awareness, and decision makeing to get you on track to your successfull career. 

Group work

Our professional staff can come to you.  If you are in need of professional tranining and or evaluation of your workplace environemnt, your family environment, or your church group we are here to help. 

We can provide workshops on family relationships, communication skills, and relationship building. 

Job & Workplace Counseling

Professional relationships need some help at times.

       If your workplace environment has gotten tense and difficult, let us come and assist in getting the work flowing again. 

Communication Skills Counseling

Often all that is needed is to learn better ways of communicating with others.  Couples, Parents, and children can all benefit from learning some very specific communication skills. 

Stress Counseling

Come learn some more effective ways of dealing with stress and the difficulties of life. 

Intimacy Issues Counseling

Couples can run in to patterns of relating that get stuck and problematic. We will work with both of you to get back on track to fullfilling intimacy once again. 

School Based Counseling

Academic difficulties can stress out entire families.  Our Psychologist can help diagnose and treat learning and developmental disabilities that can get in the way. 

Youth Counseling

We have a great track record in working with teens and their parents to assist young men and women through the difficulties of teen life. 

Family Counseling

Parenting Counseling

Parenting is challenging.  We will help you identify what is working in your parenting and what you can do differently to be even better.  

Family Problems Counseling

Family patterns that are difficult are challenging to change.  We will work with you to identify what works and what doesn't and make the changes that will improve the relationships in your family. 

Marriage Counseling

We believe that healthy habits in marriage can be learned and implemented.  Lets get together and make things better. 

Providing Love & Support Counseling

We are here to hear you, understand you, and care about your change.